Washtenaw County Jail

Ann Arbor, Michigan

Since May of 2003, Ann Arbor women artists, led by Carol, have been teaching a collage class to women inmates in minimum security "G" Block every Friday evening.  Between 10-24 inmates per class participate.  (This is a very transient population.)

Workshops focus on magazine collage techniques.  We supply art magazines, old National Geographics, etc, and the women cut them up and use the images as the main collage material. This method circumvents the fear most of the women have about not being able to draw and paint.  Primarily greeting cards and envelopes are made and the women are allowed to mail them out at their own cost to their family members and friends.  We estimate over 4,000 cards have been created so far. Recently origami materials and simple book making techniques have been introduced. 

Art supplies and other expenses are provided by the volunteer artists.

Supplies brought in and taken out after each class consist of; glue sticks,  bottle glue, stickers, water color paints, colored pencils, felt pens, blunt scissors, glitter, pieces of card stock and envelopes.   

Ann Arbor area artists volunteering in addition to Carol: Marin Perusak and Joan Miller.   

So far all costs have been absorbed by the artists. An annual rummage sale is held every Spring to raise funds for art supplies.     

Community support for this project has been overwhelmingly positive and  has been encouraging and generous.  We wish to thank the following individuals: Susan Weir, Sue Gossage, Mary Thiefels, Michael Suzanne Salon, Jill Blixt, Joy Shannon, A.J. Winchester, Diane Greene, Leyla Lau-Lamb, Barbara Carson, Downtown Kawanis Club, Ann Arbor Camera Club, Marie Gaston, and many many others.     

The following art supplies are needed: glue sticks, stickers, and magazines.  NOTE: Any and all "glitter" has now been forbidden by the authorities.

Please contact Carol at  for donation information.

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