Carol has produced 17 episodes of the Lobbie Lamento Variety Show.
These have been shown since 2007, and continue to be shown on Ann Arbor's
Cable Television Network, cable channel 17.  Each 30 minute show contains interviews
by Lobbie Lamento, a mechanical lobster, of noted artist celebrities.

EPISODE #1: Leyla-Lau Lamb, book artist
                   #2: Ashe Wednesday, vinyl archivist
                   #3: Mary Thiefels, mural artist
                   #4: Jim e Sparklepants, performance artist
                   #5: Mike Mosher, musician
                   #6: Ryan Brewer, designer
                   #7: Misha Grey, musician and bullshit artist
                   #8: Misha Grey, puppeteer (Dreamland Theatre)
                   #9: Margie Guyot, oil painter
                 #10: Scott (Muji) Merwin, dream researcher
                 #11: Scott (Muji) Merwin, dream researcher
                 #12: Mary Thiefels, mural artist
                 #13: Mister Laurence, children's entertainer
                 #14: Ashe Wednesday, bon vivant 
#15: Margie Guyot, oil painter     
                 #16: Joan Miller, figure artist
                 #17: Joan Miller, figure artist

Each episode also contains Lobbie's travel videos and short experimental films, vintage drive-in advertisements from Mt. Corey Ohio, altered-films, music videos, photography, Carol's poetry, original music compositions, Banana Man appearances, Aunt Dessie's tasty recipes from Lobbie's cookbook, footage of local art events, found sound pot-au-feu and wierd things you've never seen before.

DVD copies of each episode with original cover art by Mike Mosher and Carol Morris, are available for $10.  All proceeds will be used for art supplies for the Women In Prison Project in Washtenaw County.

Click on a title below to watch sample videos from the LOBBIE LAMENTO VARIETY SHOW:

Lobbie Lamento’s Music Video


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